The Residential Home built by the Community

Fifty years of care


Residential Care Fees From 1st April 2018

 £745 per week


Day Care, with meals

Day Care no bath, meals & snacks - £30.00 per day

Day Care with bath, meals & snacks - £35.00 per day


Other Rates

Visitor's Lunch - £5.00

Visitor's Tea - £3.00

 Chargeable Extras for Residents

Laundry labelling- a one off fee of £30

Newspapers and magazines, Hairdresser, Toiletries

Some homely remedies, Non-prescriptive creams

Other personal items if not supplied by District Nurses or the NHS

Private Telephone - to be arranged and paid for by Resident (including installation and charges)  

Private Television - connection charge to the Aerial System - £30.00 (once only charge non-refundable)

Television Licence - There is no TV licence charge for those over 75 years of age.